tears and trials

A mum and her young daughter came in yesterday.  The mum explained she’d bought a special necklace but it needed a shorter and more special chain than the one it came with.  The young 3? year old refused to allow us to remove the necklace from her neck, or perhaps I should say, tried to refuse as the mother succeeded, despite the howls and much protestation.  The wee little girl cried the whole time we swapped the chain and attempted to put it back on her.  The mother was clearly frustrated and I sure was able to identify with this as she tried numerous strategies to get what she wanted done.  Despite her annoyance, her strategies also included logic and she asked her daughter great questions to find out what she was so distressed about.  Her eyes were open so wide and her expression said so much yet her mouth gaped and no words came out.

In a new instant, I decided to see from a different perspective than I might have been able if I was either of them in th midst of the turmoil.  Like hindsight, doesn’t distance aid clear thinking and wisdom?!!

Sometimes we don’t have the words to explain ourselves.

Sometimes, in that moment, we don’t know why either.

We agreed this was true and that we were both adults with skills and experience and then we compared ourselves with this distressed mite, less than half our size but with more frustration than both of us combined.

The Mum then made a decision to purchase the chain and leave the shop.  I could hear the little one crying still minutes later in the street.

Both the mum and I had made really intelligent and thoughtful guesses and thought we were clever in what we said to help and we failed.  I wonder what it was really all about?  I wonder if they were able to talk about it calmly later?

I wonder what you would have done?

I wonder what this brings up for you now?


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