Why it took 17 days to write the second blog

How often do you laugh at yourself?

I laugh at myself rather a lot!!!

Today one of my customers mentioned as a ‘by the by’ that they had read my last newsletter and loved it.  Instantly I was more alert, if I were a dog my ears would have been pricked and my response would have been heard as sharp, quick bursts of yapping.  A rapid series of questions to establish that yes, she had meant my blog…so I laughed and asked if I could admit that I had heaps to write about and expected to be writing often BUT nobody had commented and so I hadn’t written anything more.  A new blog with no responses, it looked sad and somewhat shameful to me.  How could I write another?  No one I knew had even signed up (forgive me to the two bloggers who did!)  What was the point?

So she laughed with me and made it her fault a bit, she’d been going to comment…She kindly told me that I should keep writing because I was good at it.

Some of the writing I do helps me.  Journaling kind of stuff that gets it out of your head and enables you to see a situation with more clarity.

A blog isn’t about talking to yourself though but now that I know I have an audience, I’m happy!


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